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4 x 6

Mini Blues Traveler

Let the rhythm of the blues guide you through this soulful piece. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of suggested musical notes and hues that evoke the emotion and storytelling of the blues. Get lost in the melodic artistry and let your spirit sway to the rhythm of each brushstroke.

Pop in some classics like BB King and Etta James (At Last is a favorite around here when we paint)...and grab your beverage of choice. This piece will surely evoke emotion as it adds a playful beauty to your space.

Kinnen used a foam brush to lay down a rich background of deep dark blues and blacks, then followed with layers of teal, lavender, violet, turquoise, cobalt, cyan, more black, then creams and whites. Using various tools to apply the paints such as brushes, forks, spoons and even her hands, she finished the piece with lines of black and white oil pastels.

Each piece holds 1 hand cut heart created over hours of work with love, attention and detail. Minimalists rejoice!

Style your Heartwork on a bookshelf, dresser, as a whimsical addition to a gallery wall or a stand alone piece to brighten any room. May your Heartwork tell a story of hope, determination and beauty wherever you choose to display it.


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